Top 5 Ways CA Employers Steal Employee Wages: No. 2 Stealing Hours

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Wage & Hour

Many California employers obey the California labor laws. Unfortunately, some don’t.  One of the top ways dishonest employers steal time and money from their workers is stealing hours.

Some employers steal substantial amounts of time and wages from their employees every pay period. Warning signs of possible wage theft are when an employer makes employees clock in and out with an app or when the foreman or supervisor tracks everyone’s time. In these cases, workers never see their timecards and the employer can reduce hours worked without fear of getting caught. Even when employers use timecards, they still reduce hours because they know that most employees won’t remember how much time they worked each day.

If you think your employer isn’t paying you for all the time that you worked, you can keep track of your hours to check. Just send yourself an email or write down on a piece of paper when you clock in and out each day. If you use a paper timecard, take a picture of it before you turn it in. Make sure the timecard has the date written on it and the picture is clear enough to read the timecard entries and the date. When you get your paycheck, you should also receive a pay stub or one should be available online. By law, the pay stub should have the time period that the pay stub covers and the all the hours that you worked. The number of hours your pay stub says you worked should match your record of how many hours you worked that pay period. If there’s a difference, you may want to contact an attorney to see if your employer is stealing from you.