Top 5 Ways CA Employers Steal Employee Wages: No. 1 Stealing Minutes

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Wage & Hour

Many California employers obey the California labor laws. Unfortunately, some don’t. One of the top ways dishonest employers steal time and money from their workers is stealing minutes.

Workers have a right to be paid for ALL time worked. Have you noticed that whenever a glitch in the timekeeping system gives workers a little extra money, the company will correct it right away. But when a “glitch” causes workers to lose money it never seems to get fixed. Or have you noticed that you have to do just one or two small things after you clock out like go through a security check or check in equipment. Or before you clock in like log onto a computer or turn off an alarm. If these things are others like them are happening to you, your employer may be stealing pay from you and your co-workers. Employers know that over the course of a year, minutes they don’t have to pay their workers add up to substantial savings, especially if the minutes are overtime minutes. A full-time worker who makes $15 an hour and loses just one overtime minute a day, will lose over $100 a year to wage theft. When you fill up your car with gas, you don’t get to take “just a little” more because it’s “not a big deal.” It’s the same at work. Employers don’t get to steal “just a little” time from workers because it’s “not that much.” If you are experiencing these kinds of small losses of time at work, you may want to contact an experienced employment attorney to see if your employer is stealing wages.